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Services for Businesses and Individuals

Intellectual Property Services:

• Outsourced abuse work

• Trademark applications

• Service mark applications

• Trademark and service mark enforcement

• Copyright applications

• Trademark and copyright licensing

• Trademark and copyright assignments

• Trademark and copyright infringement analysis

Business and Contract Services:

• Outsourced general counsel work

• Incorporation and organizational matters

• New company start-ups

• Articles of incorporation

• Articles of organization

• Bylaws

• Operating agreements

• Purchase and sale agreements

• Buy/sell agreements

• Non-disclosure agreements

• Confidentiality agreements

• Non-compete agreements

• Independent contractor agreements

• Work made for hire agreements

• Licenses

• Website terms of service


Canine and Equine Legal Services:

• Puppy contracts

• Stud service contracts

• Stallion service contracts

• Equine purchase and sale agreements

• Lease agreements

• Ownership disputes




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